Patty Bennett Fox

“Energy of a Thousand Suns”

Growing up in New Mexico, this Mom of three loves the calming effect of a vast blue sky and open space for our soul – and believes the hectic, often disconnected world we live in, wreaks havoc on our well-being. Patty’s view of the body is global, and her magic is in ENERGY. Sensing your energy thru the seven chakras, then balancing them is her gift as a talented practitioner of Reiki. She will amaze, relax, and work to relieve you of the calamities that come when your energy is out of whack. Her massage is mostly gentle, sustained Myofascial release techniques that reach deep into soft tissue to repair injuries and smooth fascia as well as muscle. This creates a soothing and peaceful energy so you feel safe, and can let go, to transport to a place of calm and happy. Are you looking for a new, better solution to quiet your mind, alleviate pain, and give you increased energy to begin again? Ask Patty to integrate Reiki into your massage!

  • Patty’s massage “Pressure Intensity” is between 1-4 although she can apply more pressure if you prefer
  • Book Patty for the The Optimal Massage, Reiki, Couples, Himalayan Salt Stone, Mobile Massage, PreNatal, and Post Partum

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