Before Your Visit

To make your visit as easy and impactful as possible, please:

Please call our office at 610-696-6880 to schedule if you:

  • are using a gift card.
  • are making appointments for more than one person at the same time.
  • are making an appointment for a child age 17 and under.

Book a massage with a therapist who performs the massage you want and can give you the pressure intensity you need. If you have questions and are unsure, feel free to visit our “Meet the Team” page call us at 610-696-6880 and we will help you.

Take a moment to think about the physical, mental and emotional toll your body has experienced and manages, so you can give our team the critical information we need upfront to know how to best serve you.

Shower and drink water to hydrate!

Give yourself some extra time to allow for metered or garage parking in the borough, to fill out the Personal Health Assessment Form, and to sit down for a few minutes and breathe before you go back to a Treatment Room.

Once we know the “what and why” behind YOUR need for a massage, we can book you with the skilled therapist trained in the specific disciplines that will deliver the most beneficial impact, the greatest relief, and the highest satisfaction. If you aren’t sure of which therapist who can best serve you, browse individual profiles in “Meet the Team” or call us at 610-696-6880 to assess and help you find the right fit.