Paiget Miller

It’s no wonder physically active folk of all ages flock to Paiget. A CrossFit athlete with expertise in anatomy and kinesiology, Paiget is known at Optimal for her strength and wonderfully effective deep touch. She has found massage to be a surprisingly simple solution for clients’ complicated, chronic, and even debilitating physical issues.

After earning a degree in pre-chiropractic exercise science from West Chester University, Paiget went on to graduate from Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy just outside of Philadelphia. She’s certified in sports massage, cupping, and holds a CrossFit-Level 1Training certification.

Paiget joined the Optimal team in 2018. She loves the camaraderie with her fellow massage artists as well as clients and says, “Optimal is a small, family-owned business that gives you that personal touch you won’t find anywhere else.”

Paiget’s clientele typically seeks out her therapeutic and corrective massage to treat soft-tissue injuries. She addresses myriad knee, lower back, hip, and shoulder issues, quickly uncovering root causes of pain and enabling a greater range of motion. She says, “My favorite moments are when people come off of the table feeling like a new person with a healthy new baseline.”

When not working, Paiget can be found working out. A dedicated weight-lifter and trainer, she prioritizes her health and strength with near-daily visits to the gym. Perhaps lesser known is Pagiet’s impressive musical repertoire, which now includes the flute, guitar, and piano.

As a massage artist, Paiget is always learning. She challenges herself to evolve and improve through study and practice and aspires to bring each and every client the very best in care.

  • Paiget’s massage “Pressure Intensity” is between 6-10
  • Book Paiget for the The Optimal Massage, Cupping and PreNatal/PostNatal massage

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