Paiget Miller

“Exercise Science Grad & CrossFit Beast Adds Therapeutic Massage”

Our newest Bodywork Artisan, Paigét Miller, is in a class of her own. Not only did her passion for human health and exercise drive her to earn a B.S. in Exercise Science from WCU, but her study of human movement and kinesiology led her into the arms of the athletic phenomenon known as CrossFit. Paigét pushes her body daily, beyond the strength and endurance limits she once thought possible, and has achieved Level 1 Certification (qualified to coach CrossFit classes).

Recognizing her purpose to be a coach and practical change agent for exercise and health, Paigét focused on a Massage Therapy certification at the Cortiva Institute almost immediately upon graduation, and interned with us throughout her program. As an avid, competing CrossFitter, she has the practical and theoretical knowledge, AND the strength to deliver whatever  level of pressure clients need. But the sweet surprise found in Paigét, is her quiet, calming, right AND left-brain balance – that comes from a decade of childhood training on the flute. We are pleased to welcome this inherently curious, forever-driven student looking to learn, practice, and perfect her newest art form.

  • Paiget’s massage “Pressure Intensity” is between 6-10
  • Book Paiget for the The Optimal Massage, Cupping and PreNatal/PostNatal massage

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