Andrew Emsley

“Passionate About Posture”

This calm, quiet-spoken philosopher and musician is a gifted bodywork therapist who cares deeply about the work he does and the responsibility he carries. Andrew’s mission is to serve as a supporting role for those who perform manual labor, live with depression, anxiety, chronic or debilitating pain or disease as well as those recovering from the aftermath of injury. By identifying the root causes, his work brings lasting relief and over the long term, permanent change in the muscular and myofascial tissues. Andrew is painfully aware from his personal experience that you only get one body and that it needs to perform well and serve us for a lifetime. In his own words, “There’s no trading this vehicle in for a new model. It’s maintenance for life!”

  • Andrew’s massage “Pressure Intensity” is between 6-10, although he can apply lighter pressure if you prefer
  • Book Andrew for the The Optimal Massage, Couples, PreNatal, Post Partum, Sinus, Sports/Athletic Performance, and Adolescent

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