Pricing/Invest in Yourself

Massage is NOT Self-Indugence, It’s Self Care!

If it’s possible, Therapeutic Massage should be integrated as an essential, regular element of your life. If you want to add this practice into a regular or ongoing basis, consider the following 5 pack massage bundles to save some money.

And when thinking about the next baby shower, birthday, and gifts for the holidays – consider purchasing a massage or 5 or 10 pack bundle for the ones you love!

Purchase a Massage for Your Family, Friends, Co-Workers or Even Yourself!

Once we know the “what and why” behind YOUR need for a massage, we can book you with the skilled therapist trained in the specific disciplines that will deliver the most beneficial impact, the greatest relief, and the highest satisfaction. If you aren’t sure of which therapist who can best serve you, browse individual profiles in “Meet the Team” or call us at 610-696-6880 to assess and help you find the right fit.