Kevin Arba

Kevin’s healing and awakening journey began in 2012. After hitting rock bottom, he experienced two miracles that radically transformed his orientation towards life. From that day on, he immersed himself in a variety of healing approaches and spiritual teachings, first to heal himself, and then others.

Kevin brings to his massage practice a blend of unique experiences and skills: In addition to massage therapy, Kevin is also an Energy Healing practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer, and has additional training in Corrective Exercise, Life coaching and Spring Forest Qi-Gong. During his massage sessions, Kevin has the ability to target specific areas of discomfort while bringing awareness and calm to the body as a whole. Each individual session is tailored to the needs of his clients.

Kevin has a deep passion for connecting with and supporting individuals on their healing journey. He trusts that each individual holds the keys to their own healing, they just need support along the way.

  • Kevin’s massage “Pressure Intensity” is between 1-10
  • Book Kevin for The Optimal Massage, Pediatric/Adolescent, Energy Work, On-site

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