Jeanenne Browning

“The Unicorn of Optimal”

Optimal Massage has a secret that can usually only be found in one of the 4 treatment rooms of 121 E. Gay St. An intuitive, healing practitioner of massage – Jeanenne Browning has a cult-like following of clients that speak of her work with a bit of astonished admiration and affection. This bodywork genie’s magical move? A fixed focus on the NECK – first, face down kneading, carefully tending to each vertebrae, and later on your back stretching while massaging from the neck to the shoulder blades and beyond – mobilizing stiff, sore , and inflamed vertebrae that initiates relief and creates relaxation.

  • Jeanenne’s massage “Pressure Intensity” is between 6-10 although she can apply lighter pressure if you prefer
  • Book Jeanenne for the The Optimal Massage, Couples, Cupping, PreNatal, Post Partum, Hot Stone and Reiki

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