Jackie Ruffing

“Cartographer of the Body”

While growing up in Ohio, Jackie played many competitive sports. She even received a BS in Physical Education with Teacher Licensure K-12 in college. She took that degree and went on to teach Elementary P.E. and coach sports at the middle and high school level. Her love for being a teacher led her into the lives of adolescents and adults with Special Needs. After a few years of working with special needs adults, Jackie began studying massage at Cortiva Institute. Her work and new found love, massage therapy started to overlap each other. She started to experience situations where a calm voice and a simple light touch created bonds between her and her clients. Anxieties were decreasing while the smiles were increasing.

These days as a full-time massage therapist,  Jackie provides an array of techniques with a range of pressures as needed throughout a session.Her goal is to achieve the same results as deep tissue but without the pain associated. This opens massage therapy for so many different populations, ages, and walks of life. If you had to describe her Optimal Massage, it would probably be…unconventional. Jackie’s magic is in her “Mapping of the Body” highlighting sensitive areas with a mellow therapeutic method that creates awareness for her clients to take away as insight for themselves.  Throughout the session, she continues to find ways for the Mind, Body, Spirit to connect. And that is the power of touch.

  • Jackie’s massage “Pressure Intensity” is between 1-4
  • Book Jackie for the Reflexology, Post Partum, Hot Stone, Reiki, Himalayan Salt Stone, Oncology (Unite for Her Provider) and Couples

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