Jackie Ruffing

Known at Optimal as the resident “cartographer,” Jackie is highly skilled in mapping the body in order to optimize her massage therapy.  She finds and follows what she calls “trail guides,” namely muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, and bodily systems, highlighting sensitive areas and selecting the right approach from an array of techniques and pressures.

Jackie’s goal is to achieve the results of deep tissue massage without the pain that can be associated with it. Jackie shifts modalities in response to her clients’ needs, and slowly works her way to deep, compact layers of fascia by gently opening and lengthening the muscle and tissue above. She finds that this opens the door for many different populations of patients of all ages and from varying walks of life.

Jackie’s clients find relief from back, neck, and shoulder issues, headaches, sore feet, and stress or anxiety. She says, “their healing process starts as soon as they lay on the table.” Jackie also loves to provide takeaway ideas and feedback for self-care around the clock, and avidly researches developments in the wellness and massage therapy industries.

Jackie’s background is in sports and education. A long-time athlete and former P.E. teacher, she brings expertise in anatomy, physiology, and sports medicine to her practice. She has been practicing massage therapy professionally since 2012 after earning her Massage Therapist Certification from Cortiva Institute. She joined the Optimal team in 2017 and has loved seeing both incremental and profound changes in her client’s overall wellness and comfort.

And while Jackie has helped so many with her craft, she finds that she gets as much out of massage therapy as her clients. She says, “It’s a profession that gives and receives, to both the therapist and the client.”

  • Jackie’s massage “Pressure Intensity” is between 1-4
  • Book Jackie for the Reflexology, Post Partum, Hot Stone, Reiki, Himalayan Salt Stone, Oncology (Unite for Her Provider) and Couples

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