Emily Krajnik

“Nurturing Is Her Nature”

With a keen knowledge and understanding of the correlation between physical and emotional well being, Emily uses her wide ranging set of skills to help her clients achieve a sense of balance and renewal. Her gentle and intentional approach to the body makes her an ideal therapist for those in need of a soft, soothing and deeply relaxing experience. She often incorporates essential oils and brain wave music into her sessions, allowing her clients to achieve a depth of relaxation and rest found nowhere else. Emily is passionate about healing and her own life experience has taught her the power of resilience. In addition to being a profoundly effective bodyworker, Emily is also a talented artist, musician and mother. Whether it’s your body or your spirit that needs nurturing, Emily will leave you smiling ear to ear.

  • Emily’s massage “Pressure Intensity” is between 3-8 although she can add more pressure if you prefer
  • Book Emily for the The Optimal Massage, Table Thai, Thai Massage, Reiki, PreNatal, Post Partum, and Couples

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