Andrew Emsley

Andrew has studied and trained with world class teachers such as Leo Urquides, Maurizio Tangari, Rik Brown and is considered a pioneer in the art of steel mace. His own school, Sleepy Monkey, has helped people of all walks and abilities find their strength and healing in heart and body since 2018. Sleepy Monkey is recognized worldwide, and Andrew travels to martial arts schools, yoga studios and gyms to lead seminars in his techniques. Andrew has been featured on podcasts such as “Steel Mace Nation” and is a founding member of the Unconventional Fitness Alliance.

While he takes a results-oriented, pragmatic approach to his practice, Andrew holds a soft spot for his clientele. He cherishes his role in helping them live long, healthy, and meaning-filled lives and says, “I’m continuously inspired by the strength and perseverance of my clients and students.”