I just wanted to let you know that our bi-weekly visits from Optimal to our office, for chair massages have been very much appreciated by all the staff. It has been a great de-stresser and morale booster. Would highly recommend it to other companies as a benefit for their employees. Mike and Jeannine are pleasant, prompt and professional. Thanks again and wishing you and your staff, very Happy Holidays!!

Pam {Gecko Group}

“Was a great experience!! Best Birthday Present I could ever ask for! Michael is awesome! The only thing that could be better is if it were on a beach. ”

— Anonymous

From the moment I walked into Optimal Massage, I am always happily greeted with questions inquiring how I am doing.  Everyone at Optimal Massage truly cares about how I answer.  It is a place of real welcoming and thoughtfulness.


I am so grateful that I finally found a massage therapist who really listens to what ails me and pays special attention to my problem areas.  Jennifer Barrett sincerely cares for my well-being.  Indeed, after my massages and conversations with Jennifer, I do believe massage is more than self-indulgence, but an act of self-care. Come get some!

— Dan Galfano

I have been a client of Michael Wolff’s at Optimal Massage for nine years. I believe the treatments have helped me with several chronic health issues including arthritis. I always look forward to the sessions; not only are the massages therapeutic, but Michael is a caring and sensitive person and always creates a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere.


I have been a client of Mike Wolff at Optimal Massage for merely 6 months now. Why did I not discover him before that, I now wonder?? I have had severe back problems for 10 years. I’ve had two separate spinal fusions in my lower back, the most recent only about a year ago. It has been a difficult recovery, but it is becoming much improved, thanks to Mike. He has alleviated much of my residual pain, and has been a major reason that my internal scarring appears to be abating. I almost addictively look forward to the sessions, because the relief that I receive allows me to function until the next session. The quality of my life has improved, due to his immense knowledge and enormous skill.

— Doug

I had no idea that the knot in my neck and tightness in my upper back were causing not only painful movement, but headaches!  Regular massage therapy has relieved the headaches, the knot, and the upper back tightness and has also helped lessen lower back pain.  I sleep better and am more aware of movements that may stress my lower back, thanks to advice from Kim Wolff. I look forward to my regular therapy sessions as a “gift” to myself, which contributes to my well-being!  Thanks, Kim!


Our couples massage was amazing! It exceeded our expectations. The whole building from the moment we walked in was very relaxing.

Tom and Jackie

I had a half hour deep tissue treatment. I asked the massage therapist to focus on my back, neck and shoulders, which he did, and he answered any questions I had throughout the massage about points of pain, hydration, etc. The therapist, Mike Romero, was very good and the massage was excellent.


They provide the best Pre/Post Pregnancy Massage. After my first pregnancy I had problems with postpartum depression and Optimal Massage helped me overcome it. They have trained professionals who provide the best massage specific to you.


I am fairly new to massage and have been thrilled to now understand the benefits of it. Jennifer Barrett is a fantastic therapist. She explains to me what she is massaging, how the muscles are moving and how massage will correct the various problems I have been having. Several months ago I developed tendonitis in my right knee, and after a few sessions with Jennifer, my muscles are healing and there are drastic improvements.
The staff at Optimal Massage is incredibly friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. It was important for me to learn what was going wrong with my body, so I could understand the healing process and how I needed to proceed through my recovery period. Thanks to Optimal, I am in the process of a healthy and long awaited recovery.

Delina Joyce

Thank You Chris. I had been having really bad ongoing pain when I went to Chris (Christine Burnett) for a massage yesterday. She spent a little extra time on all the right spots and today I feel great after months of pain. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!

Terrie R.

Christine Rocks! I get massages frequesntly. The massage I had yesterday with Christine was the best ever! She REALLY listened to me and did exactly what I asked and much more. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent therapist.

Sandra R.

I had a wonderful experience, Christine did a great job working out the knots on my back, neck and feet!! I get the impression that the therapists don’t follow a script, they listen to the client and focus on the client’s needs. Very welcoming and comfortable environment. I can’t wait to come back!!

Sharon W.

I started coming to Optimal Massage eleven months ago when I had chronic pain in my back, both arms and wrists. I had tried Chiropractic adjustments and Acupuncture for over a year but only got temporary relief from the constant nagging pain. I felt my quality of life was being affected and I can remember playing golf with pain shooting down from my shoulder to hand. After a year of this pain, I felt that it was just the way it was going to be and I would just have to accept the steady discomfort and learn to live with it.


Since working with Jeanenne Ham every other week, the pain slowly lessened. Initially the pain was relieved during the session, but would return after a few days. With constant bi-weekly sessions, the time between issues of pain grew longer and it is now at a point where only minor issues occur after a hard workout at the gym. I have been playing golf, pain free since November, and although my score has not gone down, I am enjoying the game more.


I strongly recommend that you go to Optimal Massage on a regular basis and give it a chance to relieve your pain, or in my case, pains. My advice is to give Optimal a chance and get deep tissue massages on a regular basis. Although you may not get instant lasting relief after your first visit, you will have lasting relief from chronic pain if you go there on a regular basis.