Patty Bennett-Fox

Patty is thrilled to be a part of the Optimal family. She is originally from New Mexico where she was born and raised. Growing up in the southwest exposed her to the great outdoors, and the spirituality of Native Americans. Some of her earliest memories are of visits to the many Indian Pueblos found in northern New Mexico. This upbringing has given her a unique outlook on life. Her background is in Theater Arts, and her last theater job was at The People’s Light and Theater Company in Malvern. After staying home for ten years to raise three children, she found she had developed a passion for helping others. When the time came that she could devote more of herself to her own life, she discovered Massage Therapy. She attended Cortiva Institute, graduating with honors in October of 2010. The western spiritual beginnings combined with the fascination of the world of the mind and body made massage therapy a perfect fit. Patty is fascinated by the human body and its capacity to heal itself. Patty believes that the human body is a marvelous machine, designed perfectly to enable individuals to reach wondrous heights mentally, physically and spiritually. Patty is also a Reiki practitioner, bringing the touch of Asian healing energy to her fingertips. Reiki is the English spelling of Japanese characters that symbolize “all present life energy”. During a session the practitioner channels life energy into the recipient. The energy helps to balance the physical, emotional, and spritual bodies inherent in all beings. Learning Reiki, and observing the physical changes that are apparent in a client after a session, have taught Patty that people are truly amazing in their innate ability to heal and help themselves. Patty hopes to continue learning from everyone around her.

Services Offered:
The Optimal Massage, Couples Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reiki