Michael Wolff

Michael Wolff has been practicing for the past 12 years in Chester County as a massage therapist. During this time he has given over 25,000 massages, providing each individual a personal approach to their well-being.  Trained in several massage styles, Michael has created his own techniques which he has finely tuned over time. His education is from Penn State, West Chester State University and The Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy (now known as The Cortiva Institute).  As owner of Optimal Massage, he has worked hard to create an environment reflective of which he is as a person.  Michael cares deeply about the quality of massage provided by himself and his staff.

His belief is that the massage is about the client and their individual needs.  Massage is a therapy and deserves recognition as a form of self care not self indulgence or luxury and fame. He will put 100% of his ability into helping his clients achieve a better life with less pain and discomfort.  His philosophy is simple – if you treat the body with love and respect you can do no harm.  Michael works with a team of therapists that have proven they have the same attitude and approach.  He encourages each one to create a style that is theirs and not hesitate to be themselves.  Michael firmly believes that Optimal Massage is the best massage experience you will ever have. 

The best way to describe Michael’s techniques and that of his fellow therapists is “Fusion” Massage.   By definition, fusion is the melding or blending of styles together to create a new style.  Michael has been trained in Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy, Sports, Swedish, Therapeutic, and Myofacial Massage. He takes what works best from each discipline and creates a massage specific to each client’s needs.  The fact that it is a fusion of styles and that it is given a personal touch will guarantee that each massage is original and individual to each client that comes through our door.

Services Offered:
The Optimal Massage, Couples Massage, Hot Stone Massage