Jeanenne Browning

Jeanenne has been offering therapeutic massage with Optimal for since 2009. She was trained at Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy where she obtained certification and licensure. Her style combines relaxing Swedish massage with Corrective deep tissue, Myofacial release, Cross-fiber friction and Tapotement. She also has been trained in Hot Stone Massage and Pre-Natal Massage.

Jeanenne’s philosophy is to offer rejuvenation and education to her clients. She provides them with knowledge on how massage can benefit the many aspects of their particular lifestyle along with stretching techniques for maintaining their health. She has been told that she has great “healing hands” and has taken that as an affirmation to her calling and life’s work.

Jeanenne has experience working on clients with health issues ranging from Cerebral Palsy to Lymphedema and Cancer. She treats every client with equal respect and kindness regardless of their ailments to aid in their natural healing process. She believes everyone deserves to have time devoted to their healing in a client based atmosphere so she tailors each session to their needs. She provides an open ear and conversation to clients who enjoy verbalizing their needs but will also give the clients who crave silence the quiet zone they need.

Services Offered:
The Optimal Massage, Couples Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Reiki

****Also available for evening appointments by request. Call 610-696-6880 to book with Jeanenne.****