About Us

Optimal Massage’s Mission

We strive to provide the highest quality massage by listening to our clients particular needs and creating a massage based on those requests.

We will deliver our best effort every time, leaving our clients feeling and benefiting from the true healing power of human touch.

A massage from Optimal Massage is unique in the fact that our therapists love and believe what they do can make a difference in our client’s lives.

We love receiving massage as much as we enjoy giving it; therefore we work on each other and perfect our skills working on and with the best trained therapists around.

We maintain a clean healthy environment, so when our clients come to visit they feel comfortable and relaxed.

The reason Optimal Massage is the only choice in massage therapy is simple, we love what we do and we like to prove it. We give every effort to provide a high quality massage at an affordable price. Your massage will be unique to you and your wishes. We will listen and provide our gifts with artful talent and skillful knowledge. We have been providing high quality service for over 14 years in Chester County.

Optimal Massage therapists are a team; we work together and care for each other.